Land is a people business. Since 1943, our specialty has been the sale of large and unique properties in the American West.

We know that the buyers of these properties expect special service. We are at their service, devoting undivided attention to our customers. In our 65 years of brokering and acquiring farms, ranches, resort and recreational properties, Van Schaack Land Company has built a preeminent reputation through long term relationships with a host of elite clients, including major investors, insurance companies and banks throughout the western United States. Our staff is out on the land, getting to know the people buying and selling. Each of us is well-educated, energetic and licensed to sell in 9 states: California, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas and Wyoming.

Van Schaack is a full service firm, not only providing brokerage services relating to acquisitions and sales transactions, but also providing a full compliment of support services, as required to satisfy an individual clients specific needs. These additional services include comprehensive investment analysis, strategic planning, litigation support, forecasting and projections, appraisals, accounting and auditing. We bring buyers and sellers together through our associates’ extensive contacts and intimate knowledge of both the land and agricultural industries, as well as internet strategies, public relations initiatives and comprehensive marketing materials. Following in the respected footsteps of his father, Paul “Bud” Dawkins, our principal, Kent Dawkins, has spent 35 years exploring the length and breadth of the western United States, developing deep, first hand knowledge of the major agricultural properties in the West.

Today, it is not enough to put the right buyer in touch with the right seller. The contemporary land broker must also know the impacts of future growth patterns, environmental concerns, changes in the law and the latest financing developments. Van Schaack Land Company plays all these roles for its clients. Plus, we know where the land is and what it is, because we’ve already seen it. We know how to put the deal together. We’re informed. We’re on the scene. And as the oldest and largest land company in the Rocky Mountain West, we’ve been at it the longest.