Yuma County, Colorado is known for its abundant ground water supply produced from the Ogalla Basin Aquifor.

Excellent ground water supply, climate, and soils produce quality corn, alfalfa, beans, and sugar beets. These crops are contracted to local dairies, commercial feedlots, and food processors.

Yuma AA’s 1050 irrigated acres of documented water rights and proven agricultural enterprises present a unique investment opportunity.


The subject property consists of 1,271.1 acres of agricultural land located in north-central Yuma County consisting of three separate tracts identified as Tracts 1-3. The property was patented in the early 1900’s and has been used for agricultural purposes since that time. Between 1967 and 1980, seven irrigation well permits were obtained from the State of Colorado, seven irrigation wells drilled, and the land developed into irrigated cropland. Corn has been the primary crop raised on the property, along with dry beans. In 2017, corn was planted to all of the acreage. According to FSA certification records the property has 1,050.7 acres of irrigated cropland. The balance of the property consists of grass corners (196.1 acres) and roads and waste (24.3 acres).


Building improvements located on the property include one grain bin (28,000 bu), located on Tract 1, and three grain bins (28,000 bu/ea) located on Tract 3, all in good condition, and an old shed in poor condition. Site improvements located on the subject property include a stock well with tank, and perimeter fencing on each tract, and some low level corrals located on Tract 3.


  • Stock well with tank located at the pivot on NE.NW. Sec. 8, 2N45 (Tract 1);
  • Stock well with tank located at the pivot on SE. Sec. 23, 3N45 (Tract 2);
  • Stock well with tank and low quality corrals located in the pivot corner on SW.SE. Sec. 12, 3N45 (Tract 3);
  • Barbed wire fencing around the perimeter of each tract.


Building improvements located on the subject property include four grain bins (28,000 bu/ea) in average condition, and an old shed which is in poor condition and fully depreciated. The buildings are described in the memorandum.